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Enterprise Agility Foundations Australia

Certified Change Consultant (15 hours + Exam)

This course is conducted during the Australia time zone.

Course Summary

Enterprise Agility Foundations - the Certified Change Consultant, provides immersive learning based on the neuroscience of change, organizational psychology, exponential growth theories, and groundbreaking concepts. Enterprise Agility Foundations provides not only techniques that can be applied to software teams (Agile), but an approach that can impact all areas and people in the organization to create a more flexible and resilient enterprise. The future is here, and you still have time to reach it. Enterprise Agility Foundations (I) articulates and consolidates this knowledge 

Course Curriculum

Meet your instructor


Sandip Rananavare

Ernesto Corona

Co-Founder, d-Vops

The approach of EAU is very important to understand the changes required in agile organizations. It provides very valuable elements to think systemic solutions in complex environments. In particular, the fundamentals related to mental agility and social agility.