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In today's fast-paced world, businesses must be able to adapt and change quickly to remain competitive. Agile 2001 and Business Agility propose frameworks and models that can help organizations navigate moderate uncertainty. However, they aren't prepared for the rapid pace of change that organizations face today.

That's why it's important to understand how Enterprise Agility is changing the world of organizations. Watch the video to learn how Enterprise Agility frameworks and models can help your organization become more agile and resilient in times of disruption.

Clarify the differences between Agile 2001, Business Agility and Enterprise Agility and know why is important for your organization if they want to succeed in a rapidly changing world. You can also download here the Enterprise Agility Body of Knowledge

Understand How Change Works

Knowing how to help people embrace new situations when everything changes all the time is crucial. We can provide you with new theories and models that you can use to accelerate the adoption of change in your organization or with your clients.

Get World-Class Training

We focus on providing you with new possibilities to influence change and outcomes for your company.
We are constantly evolving our organizational change models and the science behind

Accelerate Change from Day 1

We offer actionable models, which can be used from the day after the course. No matter if the company has 10 or 10000 employees.
We bring the Science behind change to make sure you succeed! 

"I cannot believe how much I learned from the Enterprise Agility Foundations (Certified Change Consultant) Training. I am working  as a Change Manager on a large Agile Transformation and finally everything is starting to connect for me. Understanding how an organization can deliver value quickly while ensuring core elements of organizational health are not neglected, will be a large part of our sustainability model. Thank you for sharing your practical knowledge and experience, I really appreciate it!"

Rachel Patersen
Enterprise Transformation Change Manager, Maryland, USA

"Enterprise Agility presents us with both the challenge and the opportunity to do things differently, with the first step being to broaden our own perspective. With the EAU models, I was able to do this and look at organizations in a holistic and organic way to make an approach with the real intention of transforming them. Not only did it reinforce this view, but it also gave me concrete and simple techniques that I could use immediately."

Andrea Miño
B.A. in Psychology, Agile Coach at BBVA Bank, Argentina

"It has been a great opportunity to learn about Enterprise Agility and its relevance to transformation. The trainer  brings a lot of experience when it comes to Change Management and transformation and it was a good collective understanding of some of the new concepts as well as collective learning experience. Technical Agility vs. Business Agility vs. Enterprise Agility. I believe I have made a good start."

Shrihari Alawani
Value Stream Consultant and Disciplined Agile Practitioner, Pune, India

"The  program was an amazing learning experience. I had read the book "Leading Exponential Change - and the training changed my view of change management and opened my eyes to why change implementation is weak in many companies. In my company, I was leading a change and took the opportunity to apply all the principles. The techniques helped me to work with my stakeholders, I was able to show them different perspectives that helped them not to fear change, the application of neuroscience principles, the concepts of frequency illusion, etc."

Vijay Chander, Canada
Agile Practice Leader, Canada

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"The approach of EAU is very important to understand the changes required in agile organizations. It provides very valuable elements to think systemic solutions in complex environments. In particular, the fundamentals related to mental agility and social agility. They allow to better understand the stimuli that build the culture and to challenge them. They provide very valuable tools for adaptability. They certainly help in building antifragile organizations."

Ernesto Corona
Co-Founder of d-Vops and Nerdcube, Argentina

"It is a major challenge to lead an Agile-Lean transformation in organizations while ensuring organizational health, psychological safety, and sustainable value creation. The Certified Change Consultant at EAU has given me differentiators, techniques, and powerful tools to articulate experimentation in a comprehensive way. I have more tools to influence strategy, structure, people, process, and technology. I know how to iterate in an environment where not all elements can be planned in advance. I highly recommend it."

Mario Humbolth
Agile-Lean Consultant, Colombia

"During the Change Consulting Certification, the Trainer was always on topic, on time, ready to help and explain and full of true life examples for the theories. Gld for the shared experience!
I really enjoyed and learned during my Certified Change Consultant Training, Enterprise Agility Foundations.

I recommend it to any change consultant looking to expand their horizons"

Aleksandra Kocevska
Project Manager, Codeit Solutions, North Macedonia

"I enjoyed the course and enjoyed the things I've learned.

I consider them crucial for the nowadays necessities. Because of the platform chosen (welo), i felt like in a in-person gathering, surrounded by friends.

I recommend this training experience."

Codrin-Dan Nicolau
Agile Consultant, Bucharest, Romania