Enterprise Agility Fundamentals (English)

EA Official Guide (795 pages, English)

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Introducing Enterprise Agility Fundamentals—your guide to thriving in disruptive times.

Our groundbreaking book provides the critical foundations, frameworks, and models you need to:  

- Develop the core capabilities to navigate exponential change
- Bring balanced and human-centric ways of working to your organization
- Support innovation and care for people amid constant uncertainty
- Implement new strategies to succeed in unpredictable environments 

Get certified as an Enterprise Agility Practitioner with your purchase, you get complimentary access to:  

- Hanna AI assistant—get personalized guidance on applying the content and overcoming your organization's specific challenges
- Online version of the book
—study the material in a convenient digital format
- Chapter tests
—validate your learning and gain certification

The world is changing rapidly. Customer needs, market forces, and even entire business models shift constantly. Enterprise Agility gives you the map and compass to lead your organization confidently into the future.  Get the book now and unlock the tools you need to thrive in disruptive times. The journey starts today!

The web-based version provides everything required to become an Enterprise Agility Certified Practitioner. All tests and certification exam content is included in the purchase price.

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Erich Bühler Bühler

Erich R. Bühler, CEO of Enterprise Agility University, is a leading voice in Enterprise Agility. He developed over 130 models and frameworks for the new reality—including the foundations of the science of accelerated change. He also created the TriValue company model to help firms thrive amid constant change and high uncertainty. Bühler has helped major corporations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia dramatically accelerate innovation and adapt to change.