Enterprise Agility Leadership Program

based on the M-Leadership Framework (15 hurs + Exame), March 2023

Coming in  March:
15 hours
(3 hours and 10 minutos each lesson with breaks)

Course Summary

Our training is the world's most advanced training for leaders in companies exposed to high uncertainty and accelerated or exponential change. It offers new insights and a deep understanding of the art, science and skills needed to lead in times of accelerated change. Provides you with new approaches to go beyond traditional agile frameworks. It includes innovative principles for perceiving markets and people, so you can anticipate future situations. It also allows you to experience how to continue to have an impact on the markets and the business even as everything changes in the organization. Don't miss this unique opportunity to improve your leadership skills and become an expert in Enterprise Agility! The future is here, and you still have time to catch up.

Course Curriculum

Meet your instructor

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Erich Bühler Bühler

Erich R. Bühler, CEO of Enterprise Agility University, is a leading voice in Enterprise Agility. He developed over 130 models and frameworks for the new reality—including the foundations of the science of accelerated change. He also created the TriValue company model to help firms thrive amid constant change and high uncertainty. Bühler has helped major corporations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia dramatically accelerate innovation and adapt to change.

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Ernesto Corona

Co-founder of d-Vops

The EAU approach is very important to understand the changes needed in agile organizations. It provides very valuable elements for thinking systemic solutions in complex environments. In particular, the fundamentals related to mental agility and social agility.